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New Universal Body Accessories

NEW-Universal Rocket Bunny Fender Set

Universal Rocket Bunny Fender Set – Now you can change your favorite body into the original RB style . This Set fits of many popular bodyshells.

NEW-Universal Overfender Kit Rivet Type D

Universal Overfender Kit Rivet Type – made of clear Lexan fits of many popular bodyshells.

NEW- Inlet Duct Set !

Inlet Duct Set – Realistic size (scale 1/10) a set of 8 air inlets to embellish your bodyshell and give it character.

NEW – Clear Lexan Sheet Set !

Demi Works – Clear Lexan Sheet Set Clear Lexan Sheet Set –Strong and flexible Sabic Clear Lexan with protective film on both sides. Ideal for repair, body building (diffusers etc). You can do anything what you want with minimum creativity